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Audio Visual Materials are important to all circle of learning that start from the lowest to the highest, including informal education that starts at home and then the nursery, primary, secondary, tertiary and University. So AVMs are recognized and accepted as essential means of increasing the effectiveness of teaching, learning and research purpose.


AVMs can contribute much to teaching and research by stimulating interest, providing valuable information and expanding the horizon of experience.

Audio Visual Materials (AVMs) are those things can be understood by observing visual aspect of anything’s.

According to The Librarian Glossary (1987) “AVMs as non-book materials like tapes, slides, films which are renewed and recent to rather then read as books.”

Dike (1993) define “Audio Visual Resources are those materials which do not depend solely upon reading to convey meaning and present information through the sense of hearing as audio resources or through a combination of both senses.”

With the dramatically change of technology, now Audio Visual Materials are used in library and information center, various organizations, institution which are related to providing and disseminating information services towards their respective clients.

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