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The research output is a publication. The publications are described in DSpace as meta-data with a lot of information around it which can become more important if it is described as an entity and linked to the publications so that you can provide more information about for instance the authors. Authors are affiliated to departments. So also using departments as entities and linking them to the researchers and to the publications instead as just describing them as metadata. You can provide rich information about departments as well.

Departments might be part of the same institutions. So, the institution can also be represented in this echo system.

Also, publications cite other publications, or are cited, so there are metrics connected to publications and to researchers. This means that you can also introduce this kind of information into the system using DSpace CRIS.

So, you have so much information as entities and not just as descriptions. Research and publications usually are the product of project activities, and projects are run by people, institutions. So, project have a rich array of links that can be provided if you describe these entities

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