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Borrow, Reserve, Renew

  1. Only fully registered staff, students, and community members will be allowed to borrow items from the Library.
  2. Items available for loan may be borrowed, within the limits specified for each borrower category, on the production of a valid Library Number or User Names.
  3. No item may be removed from the library until the appropriate borrowing procedure has been completed.
  4. Items restricted to use in the library will be taken out only when special permission is granted by the Librarian or one of the Assistant Librarians.
  5. Library staff may restrict the circulation of any item of library stock anytime due to the prevailing item circumstances, such as damage, demand and reservations.
  6. Borrowers are responsible for all items issued against their names or Library Numbers.
  7. The Library may recall an item at any time if it is required for special purposes. Failure to return a recalled item by the required date will result in a fine determined by the Librarian.
  8. A fine of 1000/= (one thousand Ugandan shillings) will be levied for late return of items on loan per day.
  9. Borrowers may renew loans, provided that the items in question are not wanted (put on hold) by other readers.
  10. All items on loan must be returned and fines cleared before one seeks clearance from the Library at the end the course, tenure or expiry of membership.
  11. All persons on leaving the library must allow the library staff to examine all library material in their possession; and also, to see the contents of all cases, bags, and other receptacles they may be carrying.
  12. Lost books will be charged at full replacement value plus administration costs.

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