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Institutional Repository (IR)

It is an internationally recognized best practice for academic libraries to host an Institutional Repository (IR) to enable researchers to archive their research output to improve the visibility, usage, and impact of the research conducted at an institution.

Within the platform is embedded international standards of organizing and making information easily accessible and retrievable, globally. The platforms allow special plug-ins/ integrations which offer added value to the submitted information e.g.

  • Google Scholar indexer – as an indexer (expands the accessibility, reach, and, consequently, the impacts of the articles you publish).
  • Google Analytics – optimizes the searching feature of the IR (it  tracks website performance and collect visitor insights)

Staff Publication System

UMU is the only University in Uganda with a Staff Publication System used for profiling UMU Staff research output at the individual level and by “Academic Unit” 513 items.

Discounted, and/ or waived Article Processing Charges (APC) offers.

Communicating about the available Article Processing Offers to Ugandan authors. Visit: (

Open Source Software


ORCID iD is a unique, open digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher with the same or a similar name to yours. e.g. Dr. David Musoke’s ORCID iD can quickly identify him from UMU staff David Musoke. ORCID iD also connects with your ORCID record that can contain links to your research activities, affiliations, awards, other versions of your name, and more.

Subscription to a low cost “Anti-plagiarism software” URKUND (now called Ouriginal) Contact the Librarians at to submit your work for analysis

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