Uganda Martyrs University visions itself:

To be a university that is nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in research and the advancement of knowledge and community engagement

Library Mission

In support of the University vision, the mission of the library is:

To support the University's teaching, learning and research objectives through facilitating access to all forms of information.

Library objectives

In order to achieve this, the Library has adopted the following aims and objectives;

  • To facilitate timely and effective access to all forms of information.
  • To deliver quality services to meet library user needs.
  • To provide core materials in support of taught courses.
  • To co-operate with other libraries and information centers and various organizations to enable the UMU community to have access to those organizations' collections.
  • To provide trainings on information retrieval skills and other forms of user support to enable Library Users to exploit the available information resources
  • To develop, monitor and use a series of relevant performance measures and targets for the services in order to constantly improve service delivery.


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